DealPly Update

What is DealPly Update

DealPly includes a secure auto-update mechanism that helps you stay up-to-date with the latest version. Updates are served from a separate domain name which only a few key employees at DealPly have access to. In addition, updates are signed using Microsoft® Authenticodedigital signature technology, and secured by Comodo Group, Inc., ensuring a safe and secure auto-update experience.

This provides an experience on par with Windows Update™ in terms of safety and security.

About DealPly

DealPly is constantly hunting down the best deals and bargains the internet has to offer. Using our advanced semantic analysis technology, DealPly tracks tens of thousands of shopping and e-commerce sites from around the world, maintaining the most comprehensive and up-to-date catalog of bargains, and notifying you of any deals that can save you money during your online shopping experience. For more information about DealPly, please see our home page at