uninstalling dealply

Uninstalling DealPly is easy

If you no longer find DealPly useful, uninstalling it is easy.

It can be inactivated or removed in two ways:

  • By using the DealPly Settings screen. Click here for more information about the Settings screen.
  • By using the Add/Remove Programs option, which can be found in the Windows Control Panel. More information about this method can be found below.

The exact method to use depends on the way in which you initially installed DealPly.

Open up the Windows Control Panel

image description

Click the Windows Start button, then click the Control Panel item.

Click Add/Remove Programs

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Once the Control Panel window opens, click the Add/Remove Programs item.

Select DealPly and Click Change/Remove

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In the Add/Remove Programs window, select the DealPly item. Once the DealPly item is highlighted, click the Change/Remove button.
If you cannot find DealPly under Add/Remove Programs, please use the DealPly Advanced Settings screen to inactivate it.

Confirm Your Decision

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DealPly will ask you whether you are sure you want to completely remove it from your computer. Click Yes to start the uninstallation process.

That's It - You're Done!

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That’s it! DealPly has now been completely uninstalled. Have something on your mind? Share it with us in our Contact Us screen. We personally read and reply to every question and comment.

Don't have Windows XP?

Uninstalling DealPly under other operating systems is just as easy:

Having problems?

Could not follow the uninstallation instructions above? Please use the DealPly Advanced Settings screen.

Still need help?

Still having problems? We are here to help. Please use our Contact Us screen if you still have any questions.

Using Mozilla Firefox?

If you use Firefox, you may want to try our uninstall instructions for Firefox users.

Using Google Chrome?

If you use Chrome, you can try our uninstall instructions for Chrome users.

Not sure about your browser?

If you are not sure which method is right for you, use our all-on-one browser detection page that takes you to the uninstall page that’s right for you.