uninstalling dealply – chrome

Uninstalling DealPly is easy

If you no longer find DealPly useful, uninstalling it is easy.

The instructions below show how to uninstall DealPly from the Mozilla Firefox browser. For other instructions, please see our main uninstall page.

Run Google Chrome

image description

Open up Chrome the way you usually do.

Click the Wrench icon

image description

Click the Settings button on Chrome’s toolbar. It’s the button that has a wrench icon on it.

Select the Tools > Extensions item

image description

Go all the way to the Tools item, and carefully select the Extensions item when it appears on the left, just as you see in the screen shot above.

Click the Uninstall link

image description

Look for the DealPly extension. When you find it, click the Uninstall link underneath it.

Confirm Your Choice

image description

Confirm your choice to remove DealPly by clicking the Uninstall button in the confirmation dialog window.


image description

Congratulations! The uninstall process is now complete.

Having problems?

Could not follow the uninstallation instructions above? Please use the DealPly Advanced Settings screen.

Still need help?

Still having problems? We are here to help. Please use our Contact Us screen if you still have any questions.