Install DealPly Safely with InstallCore

When Dealply was born, we couldn.t lose sight of its safe side. InstallCore has become one of our strongest partners, offering a safe and secure installer that works with thousands of downloadable software applications and an uncountable number of successful downloads a day. We chose the InstallCore installer because it simply installs better and faster, offering a better user experience and satisfaction. InstallCore bypasses common technical points of failure relating operating systems or browser specifications. Working with over 10,000 different software applications, InstallCore has had a lot of practice!
Currently, InstallCore delivers over 100 million downloads a month. Endowed with a high performance installation engine, Installcore achieves a high installation completion rate. And if that wasn.t enough to convince us.some of the largest and widely recognized Internet companies are currently working with Installcore.

More about the InstallCore Platform

The installCore platform is the result of over 5 years of dynamic development and over a billion installations performed, delivering unparalleled insight into the entire installation process. Employing cutting edge technologies covering a wide range of fields from behavioral analytics and cloud computing to heuristic mechanisms and adaptive algorithms, the platform offers an optimal solution for the electronic distribution of software.

More about InstallCore?

Established in 2010, InstallCore has quickly become the leading installation platform for premium software publishers. With a talented team of engineers as its greatest asset, InstallCore specializes in optimized software distribution via customized software installation platforms. The InstallCore installation platform helps improve significantly success rates for software download installations, outperforming other available solutions in the market. InstallCore is a part of ironSource.