Install DealPly Safely with InstallCore

When Dealply was born, we couldn’t lose sight of its safe side. installCore has become one of our strongest partners, offering a safe and secure installer that works with thousands of downloadable software applications and performs countless successful downloads a day. We use the InstallCore installer simply because it installs better and faster, offering better user experience and satisfaction. installCore bypasses common technical points of failure relating operating systems or browser specifications. Working with over 10,000 different software applications, installCore has had a lot of practice!
Currently, installCore delivers over 150 million downloads a month. Endowed with a high performance installation engine, installCore achieves a high installation completion rate--over 30% higher than the industry average.

And if that wasn’t enough to get us on board, some of the world’s largest and widely recognized Internet companies are currently working with InstallCore. Google, Bing, and Baidu are just a few of installCore’s more famous partners.

The installCore Platform

The installCore platform is the result of over 5 years of dynamic development and over two billion performed installations, delivering unparalleled insight into the entire installation process. Employing cutting edge technologies covering a wide range of fields from behavioral analytics and cloud computing to heuristic mechanisms and adaptive algorithms, the platform offers an optimal solution for the electronic distribution of software.

They are near-obsessed with customer satisfaction. installCore meticulously analyzes the data around the downloads it serves, improving even minute aspects of the installation process. It’s clear they think about installations as much as we think about online shopping. But these statistics weren’t the only things we considered regarding how to publish our software. When it came time to pick an installer, we needed to address a few key issues:

How do we monetize our download?

Like all software developers, we wanted to find clever ways of maximizing our revenue for our software. Monetizing our download added a significant source of revenue without sacrificing the integrity of our brand. installCore only promotes other legitimate apps alongside DealPly, so we know our users associate us with other quality products.

This integrity is of the utmost important to our users and to our brand. Unfortunately in other download ecosystems it is somewhat typical to have your software aggressively marketed along with viruses and PuPs. Naturally we do not want our users to associate us with anything that will tarnish our reputation. When we heard about how installCore works with some of the most reputable software companies in the world, we were happy to jump on board. We find ourselves in a developers dream. We don’t have to struggle to find ways to market our product, and we can still get fantastic pay per install (PPI) revenue. We further the success of our product with minimal interference on our part.

How do we maximize our download success rate?

We believe DealPly adds a great deal of value to the ecommerce industry, and we want to make sure it arrives as promised. Delivering DealPly with installCore means our end users complete their downloads at higher rates, and faster speeds. Their installer engine increases download speeds by a staggering 45% higher than the rest of the industry.

Our reputation is important to us, so working with shady installers is not an option. installCore also gives us peace of mind that our downloads are reliable and safe.

How do we maximize end user satisfaction?

When designing DealPly, we wanted to provide a seamless shopping experience to our users. Our users appreciate that we operate silently in the background, only making an appearance when there is a good deal available. By monetizing with installCore’s installer, we were able to maintain the fine balance between supplying ads while not interfering with the user experience.

installCore addressed these three issues and much more. installCore also provides publishers and advertisers with a range of analytic tools and testing solutions to make sure they are generating the best ROI possible. We were also able to customize our installer to fit our brand image and distinguish us from our competitors. Taken together, installCore’s central features plus its ecosystem of analytic tools made it the clear choice for delivering our software.

Staying Secure

It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that the internet is teeming with viruses and malware threats. The download process can be a particularly vulnerable access point for these security problems. At installCore, they are taking a stand against the nasty distribution of PuPs and viruses. They have top notch teams of engineers that work non-stop to create the safest environment possible for downloads. Before installCore, we had no way of knowing if our software had reached our users or not. After they clicked ‘download’, the user funnel was basically a black box. We had to hope they were getting their software, but it was impossible to tell if someone had corrupted the file instead. But their super intelligent tracking mechanisms are able to follow the lifecycle of the download from beginning to end. They are solving issues that have plagued the software industry for years.

Mac Included

When we were scouting the industry for the best ways of safely distributing our software, we also wanted an access point to the Mac market. When our journey began several years ago, there was no such option that fit our needs.

But just recently, installCore released an installer specifically for the Mac ecosystem. This was very big news because it expanded our user base for us to market our software. The Mac Installer solves practical and financial concerns for us, as it helps us provide our software in a safe environment.

More about installCore

Established in 2010, installCore has quickly become the leading installation platform for premium software publishers. With a talented team of engineers as its greatest asset, installCore specializes in optimized software distribution via customized software installation platforms. The installCore installation platform significantly improves success rates for software download installations, outperforming other available solutions in the market by over 30%. installCore is a part of ironSource.