• closeopen What is DealPly?

    DealPly is a browser add-on that provides highly relevant deals and shopping offers when shopping online. The DealPly deals widget is displayed right below the website you’re currently browsing, providing you with exclusive shopping offers. This saves you time & money, helping you get the most out of your online shopping experience.

  • closeopen How do I uninstall DealPly from my computer?

    If you no longer find DealPly useful, you can suspend it by following the instructions on the Settings section of the DealPly website.

    Or follow the uninstall instructions.

  • closeopen What does DealPly do to protect my security?

    DealPly only shows deals or shopping offers that are relevant to the webpage you are browsing at the time. For such pages, DealPly sends just enough non-identifying data to the server to identify the product type you are interested in. You can rest assured that DealPly will never send cookies or other personally identifying data that was set by the site you are on.

  • closeopen Can I use DealPly ?

    Sure! DealPly is a download application that’s available for all three major browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 7.0+ (Windows)
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ (Windows/Mac)
    • Google Chrome 1.0+ (Windows/Mac)
    • Apple Safari 4.0+ (Windows/Mac)
    • Opera 9.5+ (Windows/Mac)

    After you download the app, it integrates directly into your browser. However, it’s only activated when a relevant deal or shopping offer is available, typically when you browse e-commerce websites.

  • closeopen I do not recall having installed DealPly on my computer. Where did it come from?

    If you did not install DealPly directly, you may have had it offered to you during the installation process of another application.

  • closeopen How does DealPly make money?

    When users are assisted by the DealPly widget, some retailers pay us a small commission. This commission helps us keep our servers running, and the DealPly staff busy hunting the best deals the web has to offer. The prices you pay, whether you are assisted by the DealPly widget or not, stay the same.

  • closeopen Your question isn't answered?

    Drop us a line at support@dealply.com and we will be happy to assist you.

  • closeopen How do I use a coupon code?

    Once you’ve found a coupon you’d like to use, simply click on the ‘GET CODE’ button that appear on the DealPly site. This will copy the coupon code to your computer’s clip board. Next, go to the website’s shopping cart or checkout page and paste the code in the relevant field to claim your discount straight away.